LIVE YOUR DREAM | COVID-19 Response Policy

LIVE YOUR DREAM PROMOTION - Coronavirus Response Policy

“Live Your Dream” Response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic, also called Covid-19, has disrupted many people’s lives around the World and affected the economic lives of all Nigerians. All countries around the World are taking measures to fight this pandemic with various rates of success. However, we know that one day very soon, the pandemic will be defeated.

Here at “Live Your Dream”, we aim to be fully compliant in the conduct of our TV Show coming up from September 26th, 2020 to December 6th, 2020 by ensuring that we observe all the safe measures prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the NCDC of the Federal Ministry of Health with the following measures:

  1. Our “Live Your Dream” TV Show will only proceed when it is safe to do so and there are no movement restrictions in place by the Government of Nigeria.
  2. Observing “Social Distancing” in all our activities for the “Live Your Dream” Show; at the Auditions, The Contestant Preparations Stages, The Contestants stay in the “Dream House” as well as during the Live Shows. This will be observed by the Production Teams, The Contestants as well as the Live Show Audiences.
  3. There will be Antiseptic Wipes at all entrances and exits of our Live Show Venue, the “Dream Tent” and everyone will be encouraged to use the Wipes frequently.
  4. The use of Face Masks will be observed by everyone at our Venues; The “Dream House” and the “Dream Tent”.
  5. Everyone will be screened with thermometers to check for temperature and fever at our Venues before they will be allowed to enter the Venues.
  6. Anyone exhibiting any symptoms of the Virus will be denied access to any of the Venues of our TV Show, “Live Your Dream”.

We are confident that with these measures put in place by the Producer, our Show will be Coronavirus-Free and an extremely healthy and safe Show.

Thank you