LIVE YOUR DREAM | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer some of the all the persistent queries, find below answers to a collection of frequently asked questions.

What is Live Your Dream About?

Live Your Dream is an entertainment company aimed at developing and providing platforms for Music and Dance Talents all over the world. The Live Your Dream platform is aimed to ensure all our contestants and every stakeholder has the opportunity to live out their dreams!

The Live Your Dream reality TV show is a show that makes people’s dreams come true by encouraging originality of all sorts (music, dance and performances) but most importantly having fun and be entertained while Living Your Dream. This allows people of different countries, ethnic groups to showcase their music and talent through their culture exhibiting inspiration, excitement.

How can I Register for an Audition?

It is simple, just simply follow the steps provided on the “SIGN UP” page and wait for a confirmation email providing you with more instructions on how you can Login to your personal dashboard. Provide all the relevant information needed and you are in.

Is there a Registration Fee?

Yes, you would need to pay a ₦1,500 to apply for our audition but the rewards for our show are beneficial to all our contestants which you would not want to miss out on.

Who can Apply?

Anyone! If you’re a talented individual, team or group you can apply. If you sing, write songs, compose, dance or perform music in a way no one has seen before then apply. This platform is an opportunity for your Dream to come True.

Is there an Age restriction to who can Register?

Live your Dream encourages all ages to apply for our Music and Dance Talent show.

If I am part of a Duo/Group, how do I Register?

If you are auditioning as a duo or group, make ONE Artist account.

Will there be open call Auditions?

Yes! We would be providing open call audition this season based on what you submit during registration. Only selected acts will be called for open audition and castings would be done online.

Are there further Fees to be paid after the Registration Fee?

No, you would only need to pay for your registration fee and you are in to win. Our interest is in seeing contestants use their talent to create entertainment, excitement and inspiration for people while “Living Their Dream” to the fullest.

How would I know if I am going to be considered for the show once Registered?

If selected, you would receive an email from the team.

Can I Register through the Live Your Dream App for an Audition?

Please be aware that our Live Your Dream App is a voting app that allows the audience to support the talents on the show. Our App would soon be available on android and apple devices. Kindly register your interest to be informed on its release date here.

Do contestants really have the chance to choose their own Performance/Music/Act?

Yes, we are searching for Raw, Real and Original Talent. This is a show where originality is on display and contestants are challenged to create, compose and deliver a star quality performance that they would be remembered for at the end of the competition.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

(* This has to do with what countries can apply, must they possess a job, have a resident card, comply with certain government laws *)

What are the Photo Requirements?

You must submit a png, jpg and gif photo format that has been taken in the last six months which captures your image vividly, your photo will be cropped to the correct size during the upload application process).

Must I reside in Africa to Register?

For this season of Live Your Dream you would need to legally reside in Africa. If awarded un-restricted rights to work for any Africa employer or live in Africa, proof of eligibility must be provided.

Will there be Third Party Companies representing Live Your Dream in sourcing Talents?

NO. Please be aware of false advertisements or companies posing as representatives for Live Your Dream. All communication with our talents would be through Live Your Dream platform.

Please DO NOT PAY any company that poses to represent sourcing talent for LIVE YOUR DREAM SHOW. They are not affiliated with LIVE YOUR DREAM.

*** For more information check our General Terms and Conditions ****